Let’s be honest, very few people will ever get into this shape. With Our Programs, we guarantee you that You will achieve it.


EDMA helps you get down to single-digit body fat for a crystal clear definition. Face chiselled, muscles popping, waist taut... Even most personal trainers & fitness experts can't pull off this condition all year round.

The programs will help you build and develop great strength and muscle size while remaining incredibly lean!

It allows you to master the development of key muscle groups (upper chest, shoulders, traps, VMO, Brachialis) which give your physique incredible aesthetics.



Before: 76.5 Kg                      After: 72 Kg



Before: 69 Kg                      After: 74 Kg

Final T&A.jpg

It’s not just about genetics. Many of you could think that our bodies look so sharp because of "good genetics". The truth is it has not always been like that.

Despite our consistency and determination to change our bodies,  we did not get the results we wanted for a long time.

Why is that?


The Fitness industry sells lies by giving you advice that only works for them because they take all the drugs that allow them to support all the crazy volume training, so we tried everything. We killed ourselves in the gym every day, following different workout splits and strict diets to end up in an average shape. 

Then the pandemic hit, and the gyms closed, so like most people, we thought we could not get the results we desperately wanted to improve our bodies. We began to demotivate ourselves by eating a lot of junk food and gradually stopped working out altogether. 

We both hit the bottom and that is when we started doing our own research and found out the perfect strategy to transform our bodies. We achieved our best shape ever during a pandemic: no gym and restrictions that push you to do anything else than watching Netflix and eat Junk food.


We found out that what we really need is the right amount of training and time to rest, to get back at it stronger, every week. A diet that allows you to eat enjoyable foods so you can follow it in the long term. The right amount of steps throughout the day. The right amount of sleep.

With our system, we guarantee you that you will transform your body in the best shape ever in the most efficient way, with the minimum effort while ENJOYING THE PROCESS.


It does not matter if you are currently out of shape, overweight, or super skinny. As you can see, both of us got insane results with the EDMA fitness programs, and you can achieve the body of your dreams too.